Samael Cordene

Abyssal touched Sorceror Nobleman played by Peter Ladvienka


Samael is 6 feet tall and weighs roughly 190 lbs. He has long jet black hair typically pulled back into a pony tail. He is devilishly good looking even with his unusual black eyes. He has a bit more books smarts in him than the average person, but does not have superior force of will. He is stout and does show some definition in his build. His nails take an unusual form as they are well kept and manicured, but have a keen edge and uncanny hardness to them. He seems to be a man well into his 20’s, but his travels have added some years betraying his actual youth.



Samael’s true parents died shortly after he was born. He never learned what happened to them. He was in an orphanage for a few months after their death. He was adopted by a noble family (Erissa and Allec) who was unable to have children of their own. They saw something special in Samael, little did they know what that fire in his eye was. Samael was raised by caring foster parents. He studied in the finest schools and became learned in the art of alchemy. Samael had everything he ever wanted. It was the thing that he had that he didn’t ask for that proved to be the most troubling.

Growing up he always new there was something different about him. At times, it felt as though there was another person inside him, trying to get him to do the things that were frowned upon, or even against the law. As he grew older however, he found this persona to be more persuasive and increasingly more calamitous in nature. He knew the right from the wrong but the voice drew him ever closer to crossing that border to the wrong side. About the age of 13, on one particular evening while out wandering the streets after dark, there was a beggar asking if Samael could help out with some money. Samael felt the urge to end the life of this miserable sap as though it was something he was born to do. Samael had to fight off this feeling to the point of physically restraining himself. He became so conflicted and was pouring all of his humanity into not killing the beggar, and then he felt, for the first time, the power of the arcane flowing through him creating a bright flash of light. Both Samael and the beggar fled from the scene. Bewildered and confused, Samael spent much of the next few weeks researching what happened to him and after talking with a few of his instructors, discovered that he had the innate magical ability of a sorcerer. He started spending some time at the mage’s academy refining this new arcane power.

Not long after, Samael began to notice subtle changes in his features. His fingernails became increasingly sharp and as hard as steel. His eyes went from blue to nearly all black. His hair went from a dark brown to a shinny dark black. His foster parents started to become increasingly concerned with the changes and sought out healers to see what was wrong with him, but there was never a cure for the confusing ailment. Samael started convincing others that it was from his innate powers. Samael continued researching his situation; he eventually read about another instance where someone had transformations similar to his, all signs indicated that he was being influenced by some demon taint within his bloodlines. Samael became greatly distraught when he learned this. He cursed his birth parents for bringing him into the world and afflicting him with this curse. Samael eventually came to terms with his affliction, but he vowed to do all he can to rid the world of the demon scum. He was even able to repress that voice, although, it is certainly not eliminated.

In addition to his studies, Samael’s parents started him working within the Dawn Council. He was doing whatever odd jobs were available in the beginning. After he developed a repore with both members of the Dawn Council and the Witchwardens, since his arcane studies were with members of the mage guild, Samael eventually started working for the Dawn Council as an attaché for them to the Witchwardens. Samael grew to really enjoy his new station and started to be a bit more social, despite his unusual appearance. He even started using it to his advantage and became somewhat popular with his fellow students. Once his studies had concluded at the academy, he began working full time as the attaché.

One evening, in the Azure district, as Samael was heading home, there was a ruckus coming from down the street he was walking on, a man carrying a small pouch was being chased by a few guards and the man was pulling away from the guards. The guards were yelling stop at him, but he was not listening. Samael cast grease in the path of the man as he was about to head down an alley and likely elude the guards. The man went ass over tea kettle and smacked into the wall of a building. Samael then detained the man, not that he had to do much; the grease was hampering any and all escape attempts. The guards arrived to apprehend the man. He apparently had lifted, not without being noticed, some merchants coin purse. The individual was extremely please to have his coin back that he gave Samael a small reward, which Samael gladly accepted at the time. This increased his standing with the Dawn counsel, which allowed him futher tasks within the organization.

Cousin to Rowyn Kellani via Adoption and Marriage. He is both a member of the Witchwardens and servant of the Dawn Council. Potential romantic Interest of Lavinia Vanderboren.

Samael Cordene

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