Jorinth Gäldrik

Human fighter, played by Chris Morse


Jorinth is a bright-eyed young human fresh off his first dose of real life. He’s compact and burly with close cropped brown hair and blue eyes and his training in fighting and security keeps him very disciplined. Behind the bright eyes and muscle of this warrior lies a cunning mind. Jorinth was good at mathematics and understanding how things are put together. He initially demonstrated this as a blacksmith’s apprentice for a time before going to work as hired security for the Dawn Council, where he often outsmarted his fellow warriors in sparring, many of whom relied merely on their muscles. One of the nobles took note of his skills and approached Jorinth about sponsoring an education for him to learn the finer arts of war. While in school, Jorinth found he had a talent for understanding fortifications and structures. Now a few years later, trying to put a recent uncomfortable matter at the Dawn Council behind him, Jorinth has signed on with Zelkarune’s Horns in the Champion’s District where he plies his skills with a blade and shield of his own making.


His sister, Miranda, works as a Barmaid at the Drunken Dolphin.

Jorinth Gäldrik

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