Cyralina Tate

Human Lackey to Pearl, introduced by Westwick via letter.


Red-headed and mousy at the start, Tate has been following in Pearl’s footsteps to become a powerful adventurer. She carries a finely crafted bullywug spear, a ratty old magical bag and can often be heard humming tunes and quietly mouthing words to old Amedio region folk songs. Dressed in her new Chainshirt, she feels more confident and ready to help Pearl on her journeys.


Tate is the daughter of a Potter from Sasserine. While only a few know how she came to be in the employ of Pearl, She has tagged along with the party ever since they arrived on the Isle of Dread. She Is Stealthy and sees much. She unfortunately was captured by Demons and horribly abused at their hands.

Cyralina Tate

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