Corvin Aelas

Aquatic Half Elf Sailor and Cleric of Velnius


Father Aelas is a half-elven man apparently in the prime of youth. Except for some of his mannerisms, which are distinctly human, he could almost be mistaken for a full blooded elf. That elf would be strange looking indeed, however. His coloration is pale – bluish, almost. In dim, yellow torch or candle light, this is less evident. Observed closely, one can make out slight webbing between his fingers (and presumably toes).

He generally wears a chain mail shirt under his clerical vestments. A silver holy symbol is worn around his neck, depicting a sea bird perched upon a cloud. He wears the shortspear favored by Velnius hung across his back, and has a well-worn club hung at his waist.

Despite these martial accoutrements, he’s mostly a quiet, soft-spoken man. His eyes speak of a strong personal presence, however. When they are fixed upon you, you know that you are in the presence of a representative of his god.


Half Aquatic Elf, Half Rhennee River folk, he was raised among his mother’s gypsy-like people. He soon found himself standing out from his cousins (and later, his siblings) with a height and appearance very unlike that of the Rhennee. At a young age, he set off on his own, soon making his way to the shores of the Relmor Bay, and from there out to sea. Though he sometimes misses his family and the few friends of his youth, he has never looked back.

Incongruously belying his youthful appearance, this man has spent years shipboard. He’s been cabin boy, crewman, Ship’s Priest and first mate. It was on one of these long sea voyages that he found his calling, serving the rainshroud. He made many a convert during his voyages, owing simply to his personal presence and ties of friendship.

He served aboard a ship with Verik Vanderboren nearly thirty years ago, and the two became the best of friends. When Verik eventually moved on first to a life of adventure, and then later becoming a family man, Corvin Kept in touch, visiting as often as he could.

He’s visibly disturbed at the mention of his old friend’s death. He has vowed to avenge him, one way or another.

Corvin Aelas

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