Cerulyne "Pearl" Fallyn

Half Elf Rogue Played by Kristi Ladvienka


Pearl wears a traveling cloak, usually with the hood up as she long ago tired of the staring at her human-elven hybrid features. She’s somewhat short at 5’5”, slim and wiry like steel cable. Her eyes are a dark violet color, and her long black hair has natural streaks of dark violet as well. She wears a rapier at her side and a Explorer’s Outfit. There is usually a wary look in her eyes.


Once upon a time in Shadowshore, a quarter as close to lawless as one will find in Sasserine, a human woman gave birth to a child. She had “come upon the town”, as they say, to keep a roof over her head and food in her stomach. She had the child, and within days left her on the doorstep of a fine house in the Merchant District, wrapped in a coarse but clean blanket inside a wooden crate. A note, unsigned, was also within. It was short, asking the merchant to care for the baby.

The merchant was an older man, Kurst Fallyn, a glassblower by trade. He did well, and was aided in the crafting and selling by his nephew Llyrian. Clueless about children himself, he took the baby in nevertheless. Even at first glance, it was clear the little girl had a healthy portion of elven blood. She had come without a name, and so he did his best to give her a good one. He chose to call her Cerulyne (Sear-oo-line), after the lovely cerulean blue mineral flecks he so favored to us when crafting glass jewelry and vases. However, he found that he so often called her Pearl, after her creamy white skin, that others soon called her that as well.

As the years passed, Kurst and Llyrian proved to be good and loving caretakers for Pearl. Kurst made sure she received a proper education, for one day she’d need to provide for herself. The family glassblowing business was Llyrian’s to run; since Pearl’s arrival, he had married and started a family of his own, and there was only so much work to be done.
It vexed Kurst that there should be a shortage of room for Pearl, but knew it to be true. As a clear half-elf, she’d also outlive them all. Other children in the district had not been kind and accepting of her; making friends had been difficult. Kurst worried for her future. He died when she was 15 years old.

After Kurst died, Pearl felt increasingly like a third wheel at home among Llyrian and his family. Llyrian was wonderful, but his wife never really liked Pearl; the reason was never clear. After Kurst’s death, Pearl began sneaking out and going to Shadowshore. The crate she’d arrived in had been from Sasserine Distillery, the rum factory in that district. They’d long supposed her mother was living in Shadowshore when Pearl was born, and so that’s where Pearl was drawn.

In the years after Kurst’s death, she never found information about who her mother was, and certainly not anything about her father. Given the family she had been given to, her natural parentage seemed unimportant anyway. What she did find was a mentor in the deadly and thieving arts – hardly subjects taught by the prim and proper teachers Kurst had found.

As she was known only as Pearl in Shadowshore, with no true first or last names, so was her mentor known only as Westwick. A half-elf himself, he understood much of her life’s experiences, though he had had no one as kind as Kurst to look out for himself.

Of late, Westwick had taken a short shipboard journey to investigate a map he had found and translated. This seemed great fun to Pearl; since he invited her along for the first time, she went happily! At the end of the voyage was a cave, full of traps and pitfalls Westwick bypassed and used as teaching opportunities for Pearl – much was learned. A treasure with magical properties was found! Though Westwick had done all the work this time, Pearl decided she wanted to be just like him; use wits, skill, and prowess to make it through the world. Stepping off the dock on their return, a child was running down the dock and slipped. Had not Pearl caught the boy as he went over the side of the dock and pulled him back, he would have fallen in the water between the dock and a ship, and likely been crushed between the great dock beams and the newly-docked ship. As the boy was the grandson of harbormaster Keltar Islaran, Pearl’s actions were heard of by more than a few. The harbormaster’s Lieutenant Kemp (who was responsible for the boy at the time) swore to many down at the pub that Pearl had among the fastest reflexes he’d ever seen, and strength beyond what you’d expect from her frame. They were only slightly dulled after the great amount of ale Kemp bought Pearl! While the Islaran’s may not know about the incident directly, the regular working-folk of the area sure know. As for the treasure Westwick obtained, it was brought to the Seekers, where he introduced Pearl to the others. She was accepted as a new member.

At the start of the campaign, Pearl was staying at the Seeker Lodge in the Merchant District. Her time was spent learning the ways of the Seekers, and looking for an opportunity for adventure.

During the visit to the Isle of Dread, she was joined by Tate.

Cerulyne "Pearl" Fallyn

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