Manthalay Meravanchi

Human Male Nobleman


Mustached and blond, Manthalay is a middle-aged human nobleman, Originally from Sasserine. He dresses in finery and occasionally in fine armor as well. His time in Farshore has left him with a Rich tan, if not the strongest Physique.


Manthalay chose to accompany Lavinia’s parents on their expedition to the Isle of Dread, bringing his wealth and prestige with him. He is the youngest brother of Avner Meravanchi’s Father, Zebulah, only perhaps a decade older than Avner himself. His not-so-secret goal is to build enough wealth, resources and power so that he can someday return to Sasserine and perhaps wrest control of the family from his debauched brother. Prior to the Arrival of Lavinia and the heroes, He had become the de facto leader of Farshore. After his recent election loss, he begrudgingly stepped down from leadership of the colony and served with valor as leader of a brigade in the militia, under Captain Ulvar Kabbanja.

He represents Zelkarune’s Horns in Farshore.

Manthalay Meravanchi

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