Lavinia Vanderboren

Human female Aristocrat. Employs the party.


Lavinia is an attractive, intelligent and confident woman in her early twenties – determined, if a bit naive. When the party first encountered her, she dressed in typical fashion for Sasserine Aristocracy. Later, as she set sail aboard the Blue Nixie for the Isle of dread, she began to sport Breeches, armor, boots and to carry weapons. She has long strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes.


The patron of the both the PCs and the Jade Ravens. Her adventurer parents, Verik and Larissa Vanderboren, died a rather myseterious death aboard their new sailing vessel recently, and her Brother Vanthus has gone missing after committing a slew of crimes – including stealing money from the Vanderboren Vault itself. As Sole remaining heir to the Sasserine Vanderboren Fortune, Lavinia has relied upon two sets of adventurers to help her reestablish herself. She owns the Blue Nixie, several sugar plantations, The Vanderboren Rum Distillery and two mansions – one in Sasserine and the other at Farshore Colony. There is a budding Romance between Lavinia and Samael Cordene. After the recent Election, she now serves as Lady Mayoress of the Colony of Farshore.

Lavinia Vanderboren

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