Darby M’Graw

Human Ranger Played by Nick Lucchetti


Lived in Sasserine on Bullywug lane, near the intersection of Spice Street, above a scrimshaw shop called the Whaleworks. His regular drinking hole was called The Drunken Dolphin, where he would often flirt with a barmaid named Miranda. He vanished mysteriously somewhat before the party was to set sail for the Isle of Dread. He was a dead Eye with a bow.


When Darby was a young lad, he was apprenticed out to a ship’s navigator. He needed to go to work early because his father had died at sea, and his mother desperately needed the money to help raise his 2 younger sisters. While he wasn’t a natural, by the time he was 12, his training was coming along nicely. Nicely that is, until a freak storm came out of nowhere. The odd storm was of such ferocity that, to this day, Darby believes it was sent by the gods. For this reason, and because the gods never seemed to help him, M’Graw is not a religious man.

Being a strong swimmer, Darby was able to survive the storm, and even made it to a small island.

He was not alone, however. The island was home to a savage, tribe of headhunters. These headhunters had hunted Darby endlessly, seeking him for their sacrificial rituals, and ultimately, their cooking pot. During this time, young Darby had to learn to survive the island, avoid the natives, and kill them when necessary. He was resilient in this task, quickly learning survival skills, and if he was to live, how to attack the natives from a distance, first with a stolen short bow, then with longbows of his own improving designs.

He survived by hiding on different parts of the island until being found, then fleeing, sneaking or fighting his way out – for about 2 years. Then one day, a ship came. The Liberator, appropriately enough. She came to hunt rare animals. What they found was a young man toughened by his trials. Although the hunters agreed to take Darby back with them (oddly enough, the first thing he asked for was some cheese, for he had craved it often) but they came to the island for rare game – and being hard men, were not particularly moved by Darby’s ordeal; they enlisted him as a guide until the hunting trip was over. The crew of Liberator noticed his skill and agreed to keep him onboard until she made her way to Sasserine. This took months however, and Darby was at the will of the ship as she went from island to island, and port to port.

Upon returning to Sasserine, Darby learned that his mother had passed, having become sick and saddened after losing both her husband and son to the sea. His sisters were sent to live with an Aunt and Uncle. He did reunite with them, but only briefly, for he did not feel a familial connection. In the half dozen years that passed, M’Graw more or less re-acclimated himself to society mostly working from ship to ship as a guide or navigator. But now he has this strange job offer from a Miss Lavinia Vanderboren. And he intends to find out what it is all about.

Darby M’Graw

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