Carella Mills

Aquatic Half-elf Cleric of Heironeous played by Mary Beth Morse


Sister Carella Mills was an educator of Divinity at a prestigious academy in Sasserine. She received a calling, though, to join the crew of the Sea Wyvern and to sail south into unknown waters – though she didn’t understand why at the time. On the journey, she was instrumental in destroying a cult posing as Law-abiding good clerics. She remained behind to watch over the town and it’s religious needs until she could be relieved by others and sent ahead to meet her friends. Upon arriving at the Isle of Renkue, she helped the party rescue Avner Meravanchi from certain death by Olman Natives, and later saved the Sea Wyvern from utter destruction in a tropical storm. She remained aboard the Sea Wyvern with Jorinth Galdrick after it crashed on a reef, in order to protect the surviving crew members.


Carella Mills

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